Priming the Parts for the Vertical Stabilizer

I cleaned, etched, and primed one side of the vertical stabilizer parts and inside of the skin this evening. The paint booth worked great!

I followed the method described by RV8SA on YouTube (Stewart Systems Prime Video). I purchased the same 3M AccuSpray Paint Gun and it worked perfectly.

I painted one side of all of the parts and will paint the other side tomorrow. Cleanup was quick and easy with no solvents required. Time will tell how durable the primer is once I start riveting.

I started with a quart of EkoPrime to make sure I liked it before purchasing more.
I diluted it 10:1 with distilled water. I diluted it by mass using a digital scale as that is quicker and easier for measuring in small quantities. It took about 100 grams of EkoPrime for one side of all the parts.
The Rockler Mixing Mate helps avoid wasted paint. You leave it on the can and stir/
pour in small quantities as needed.
Parts cleaned, etched, and scuffed up with a Scotchbrite pad.
The primer went on evenly and covered well. I used a 1.3 mm nozzle at 24 psi.