Oil Cooler Mount Modifications

I upgraded to the Airflow Systems 2007X oil cooler which provides more cooling capacity than the stock cooler. This requires a modification to the oil cooler mount to accommodate the taller cooler.

I removed the top section of the opening and fabricated a new flange from .063×3/4″ angle.

I then riveted nutplates to the lower flange, mounted the oil cooler, and drilled mounting holes in the upper flange.

Nutplates were then added to the top flange.

This was then riveted to the mount. I then test fit the cooler on the firewall.

I then fabricated a turning vane (baffle) per the recommendation from Airflow Systems. The baffle improves the balance of air pressure inside the box so that the top half of the oil cooler sees the same air pressure as the lower half.

I made some measurements and marked up some scrap .040″.

I cut some relief slots and made the primary bend with a bending brake.

I then bent tabs to rivet to the side of the mount.

I then added 3/32″ holes to the tabs and match drilled them to the mount.

The rivet holes were then deburred and dimpled.

I then riveted the parts together.

The end result came out really well. I will need to order some larger bolts and aluminum tube for spacers for the final install. The flanges of the oil cooler are 3 1/2″ apart.