Engine Ordered!

With engine prices going up again I decided that it was time to get an order placed. I feel like I’m about a year out from needing it which is right in line with current lead times.

I looked into two primary options: ordering a Thunderbolt engine through Van’s or building an engine with Aero Sport Power. After getting quotes from both I ultimately decided to go with Aero Sport Power.

Aero Sport Power is located in Kamloops, BC, and runs a build school where you can visit for three days and build your engine from parts. I have very little experience with engines so I love the idea of learning about the inside workings of the engine and having an expert on hand for further consultation during the actual installation on the airplane.

You also get to see it run for the first time and learn how to tune it. Aero Sport Power also installs the SDS EFI (they purchase direct from SDS) with you during the engine build. That avoids me having to do that later and allows the SDS system to be used for the initial run. As an added bonus, they’ll also take care of drilling the dual pulley ring gear from Airflow Systems for the SDS hall effect sensor.

In talking with Darren at Aero Sport it became very apparent that they care about customer service. He took the time to walk me through all of the options and fully explain the process. I came away very impressed and I am really excited to take this route.

Engine configuration

Engine ModelLycoming IO-540-DA45
IgnitionSDS EFI (dual ECU electronic ignition, electronic fuel injection)
StarterSky-Tec 12V 149-NL
Paint Scheme2 tone black and metallic