Gear Leg Mounts Continued

I got my questions for Van’s sorted out yesterday so I decided to get the gear mounts prepped before they get bolted in place later in the plans.

I had also ordered a .2470 reamer as that is the exact size of the AN4 bolts that are used in the gear mounts. I was going to have to ream the mounts to clear out some of the powder coat and I wanted these bolts to fit with as minimal play as possible.

I cleaned up the holes carefully and ran reamers through the bulkhead holes to clean up the gear mount holes (inserting bolts as I went). I used Boelube and was able to do this without affecting the bulkhead holes.

This went really well and all of the bolts fit with no play.

I then removed the gear mounts and clecoed the bulkhead into place so that I could remount the gear mounts and finish up adjusting the holes in the bottom skin. Van’s support also indicated that the thin portion of the skin on the outside of the hole is only there for shipping and can be removed. The tabs are then rounded off to keep the appropriate edge distance from the rivet holes that secure the tabs.

After getting the gear mounts completed I removed the parts and finished the remaining countersinking and deburring.