Firewall Parts Ready for Priming

I continued to the end of the firewall section today to get everything ready for priming. I also jumped ahead to prep the initial parts for the forward fuselage as there is a batch of parts in that section that get primed up-front. Some of these attach directly to the fuselage ribs so it made sense to work on these together before priming.

I clecoed the fuselage ribs to the firewall and clecoed the heater ducts and fuel value bracket into place. The ducts had the only holes that needed final sized.

I had already countersunk the rudder pedal brace so I clecoed that into place to test the fit.

I prepared that attach angles that secure the vertical walls of the front footwalls.

And prepared some spacers.

Seat rail supports.

Bulkhead side channels.

The bulkhead side channels get #8 countersinks to accept a dimple in a 0.032 sheet. The details for this are on page 13-3, figure 2. I clamped a piece of wood in place with a pilot hole to keep the countersink from wandering.

This was following by lots of countersinking, finishing up remaining dimples, and lots of deburring to get ready for priming.