It’s Happening!

We just ordered an empennage kit for a Van’s RV-10! After moving to Montana almost 2 years ago we now have the time (no more long commutes!) and space (house build is finally complete!) to get started on an aircraft build.

We ordered the kit during the EAA Spirit of Aviation Week and expect it to take a few weeks to get here. The compressor I purchased is also backordered for several weeks (seems to be a run on everything home improvement related during COVID-19) but I’ll need the time to get the workshop set up.

This site will serve as our build log, a requirement when constructing an amateur built aircraft. It will also serve as a place to share our experience, provide details on customizations we make, and to document lessons learned along the way. Much of the inspiration to get started on this project has come from other excellent build logs and we’re very grateful for the time and effort so many have made to share their knowledge with other builders. Thanks!

More coming soon as parts start arriving and the project gets underway.